Welcome to Peque's Website.

I don´t know how you got to this site - accident or with caurse??. No matter what, I´ll hope that you use some time to read a little on this site. The most here is about Linux (Debian Linux endeed) but I hope that both you and everybody else can use some of the notes and projects that I been taking the time to discribe here.

The reason for making this site is to share this info that I´ve learn about Linux, so that oters could be able to make the same things that I have been able to make through a better day. This could be installing MythTV, or Servere, specielle programs or normal standart programs.

Perhaps somethings on this site are missing - there´s properly a good reason (time) for that, but you´re welcome to send a request, respons or correction to linux [add] pbj-design [dot] dk. The only demand that I have is that OpenSource should be as the name says:

Open Software - not nessecary free!!!!
Remember that allways


Per Jørgensen / Peque


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